Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pupazzo de Neve

    Puppet of snow "Pupazzo di Neve.

"To all of you fortunate enough to have home heating in America,
Here in "sunny Italy", we now have temperatures in the teens (F°) during the night, the forecast includes "wind chill", and I am freezing my butt off... But the snow can be very pretty here...
Attached is a photo showing the result of a recent blanket of snow here and Pupazzo di neve = puppet of snow (snowman).
Enjoy, and greetings to all!   T."

I just received the above message from my husband's cousin, sent by one of the family in Aquara, Italy.

   Yes, we are having a cold "snap" in Europe as in "snap , crackle and pop", (which ice is wont to do ).

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