Monday, February 6, 2012


My friend Bruce B. took these photos in central Nice and added this poetic comment, "

Every day at dusk starlings gather by the thousands to roost in a huge tree
just below our balcony. 
Once they've settled
the noise is deafening until I close the door and roll down the volet.. 
When the weather warms they'll move on, 
following the sun northward… "


I have long watched the antics of the Starlings as one of the tiny astonishments that nature sends our way.  Since they are now gone from my neighborhood I thought they had.....perhaps flown south to  Africa which after all, is not far from here.  But it appears that they are still with us in Nice. 

 Have a look at this short video shot near Oxford, England to see the ballet of bird bodies in perfect coordination. 

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