Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flurry, pink flurry

I bought this ornamental plum tree about 5 years ago.   I hired a fellow from the nursery to bring it and dig the hole and place it for me.  It fit into the bed of a small truck easily that day.
  For the last 5 springs, it has had 10 or 12 blossoms and then has gone directly into its burgundy leaves.   I bought it for the stunning leaf color but I didn't realize that it would one day go into full bloom.  I had never bought a tree before when I picked this one.

  But look at this!   It is already scattering its tiny petals all around and with the wind of the last three days comes a flurry and drifts of pink, our own private carnival has arrived.   

And it has grown as tall as the house. ...proud mama me.   


  1. Lovely flowering decorative plum. I have 2 in my backyard and enjoy them. One got crashed in the horrible ice storm 3 years ago (in Oklahoma) but a big shoot from the roots has started another tree there.


  2. Beautiful, Mary. A lovely tree!! Yo could lose yourself in it.... I'm enjoying spring in Seattle! It has arrived!

  3. That lovely tree is a lovely sight to behold! good nurturing, brava!

    Karen Vicki