Friday, March 9, 2012

Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again - HD Live at La Cigale, Paris (4 Apr 2011)

Thank you, Fiore for sending me this beautiful melody about longing for home.

Below I have a link to my favorite rendition of this song done with Janice Wong on cello.   I know it will touch a chord with many people. .... a universal song.

Janice is a cellist and New Media student living in Amsterdam. She has performed with Imogen Heap at Melkweg, Amsterdam in 2010 and at TEDx Amsterdam (Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam) earlier this year. 

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  1. Kiwanuka's family fled to England from the madman Idi Amin. Now The Lord's Resistance Army, also dangerous and nuts, has installed a reign of terror headed by Joseph Kony.