Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The week in images

Today is my darling husband's birthday and we spent it very quietly making a tomato sauce while sipping champagne and hearing the Merles (blackbirds) and small warblers putting the final touches to their mating calls.

  The kitchen project is progressing slowly,  two more cabinets to do before I tackle the rollers in the drawers.  This week though, I couldn't help digging in the garden, abandoning the paint job inside.

  Jeanne and I took a 2.5 hour bike ride along the trail that parallels the Var on Sunday.  It's a good trail.  You don't see any cars, few people.

 The shared kitty now answers to Mozzi....named for a Maltese lawyer.   The name Theo didn't seem to take.   My husband kept saying "you kitty" which isn't dignified.

 My studio tenants , who came from Brighton to see the end of the Paris/ Nice bike race, enjoyed a perfect week , eating meals outside.

Yes, the sun is treating us to warm and clement days.   The special irises are well on their way, the tulip tree and ornamental plum are in bloom . Spring has definitely sprung.


  1. Beautiful pictures Mary & please give your husband my birthday wishes!


  2. Happy Birthday to Kerry. It's just how I pictured you two today. Lovely post and I love the look of Mozzi!

  3. Happy Birthday to Kerry! Love your pix.