Friday, March 9, 2012

John Sokol: Artist, Poet

Transilience #2, mineral oil, dish soap, bourbon and ink on Arches 14x17 in., 

Transilience #8, mineral oil, laundry soap, hydrogen peroxide and opaque inks, 14x17 in.

Mnenosyne's Diary,  Coffee and Ink on Bristol.  14x17 in.
Mnemosyne's Diary, 2.4.12, coffee and ink on Bristol, 17 x 14"
Mnemosyne's Diary, 2.4.12, coffee and ink on Bristol, 17 x 14"

Sargasso Spillway,   Alcohol, laundry soap, coffee and Ink on Bristol 14x17 in.

I just made the discovery of an artist from Akron, Ohio who is really right up my alley.... grabbing our attention with an array of familiar liquids to produce his intriguing soups.   Thanks Bruce, my art reporter for sending his name my way.

 I am fascinated by his "drawings".  These latest are called Washing the River Drawings.   He has succeeded with an interesting juxtaposition of traditional inks with household standbys like dish soap, bourbon,  coffee, laundry soap, sumi ink, paprika, mustard, watercolors, soy sauce, brake fluid, tar, windex, gin, vodka, motor oil, shoe polish, shellac, etc..

  Mr. Sokol is an alchemist.   I appreciate all the studio time it takes to come up with these "joyrides".  I have tampered with this kind of work myself and I can only describe it as dedicated "mad" scientific research.  

 Take a look at the rest of this set of 72 paintings.

Here is a link to his site. And you can find him on Facebook.  

I can't stop looking at these.
Mnemosyne's Diary, 2.4.12,ScoffeSarink on Bristol, 17 x 14"Mnemosyne's SArSar
I I 
SDiary, 2.4.12, coffee and ink Sargasso Spillway, 1.17.12, alcohol, laundry soap, coffee and ink on Bristol, 14 x 17S   "on Bristol, 17 x 14"My 

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  1. I love this art! Thanks. Vicki Karen xx