Saturday, May 11, 2013

On Marriage

Photo by John Puckett

Well it is our anniversary today,  22 years married and 32 + years living together.    We haven't yet killed each other and we haven't been sorely disappointed in one another..... so I think that is reason enough to celebrate.    

Marriage to Monsieur has never fit all of my pictures and I know that is the same for him.   I don't get a card or present on my birthday or other holidays.  But sometimes I get a great pricey gift when I least expect it.  It's hard to give up my bourgeoise tendencies. 

 We have discovered many new byways by being together.  One way or the other we have learned a ton from each other over the years. We make a team, albeit an unusual one. 

Funny, we don't seem to get bored with each other.  This is surprising because we are "chalk and cheese" and spend a lot of time together since we both work from home.   Of course, we do get question.  But that is part of not having one's way all the time.   You thought you learned how to deal with that as a kid but "rats"....not the case.   I still want my way.

I think one could have had another marriage, another life with different challenges but they wouldn't necessarily be better ones.  I would say that we have grown on each other, from puppy love to loving loyally.  

So Hey.  

Here's to us.  Here is to Monsieur and Me.  Pour toujours. 


  1. Big congratulations!!
    One reason I have not looked to remarry is that now I can get my way all the time, and like my own company, and am making it just fine. But congratulations to you..

    Love, B

  2. You make a lovely couple. Many congrats on the longevity of your love and union. Annie xx

  3. Happy Anniversary! I remember the weddding photo of you and of course I noticed the price tag still stuck on the bottom of your shoe! I love your marriage to K. I think the tag was a definite predictor of your married life. Fab. man must have great price and one that would stick!

    Love, S

  4. Happy Anniversary, Mary and Monsieur!