Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vieux Nice: Day One

Photo by John R.'s the unexpected color and framed symmetry that I love

Those of us who have lived here a long time are guilty of taking the sights of our area for granted.  All this old world crustiness and dilapidated beauty eludes us now.   We pass by the chalky paint of the old buildings in their burnt oranges and pale ochres and talk only of the chunks of those buildings that have fallen off and hit people over the last years!

  We go to the outdoor markets and buy without realizing how lucky we are to have five fishmongers selling their fresh wares and ladies who wrap the delicate pastries with a box and ribbon into a tantalizing gift. 

Brother Roge left a bunch of pics on my computer and I intend to cull and edit them and with his permission to keep putting more out there for you.  

It was so good to have another insight,  a good photographer's observation of Nice to inspire me.  I have been kind of lazy lately about serious art creation. ...but Roge got me excited about photography.  I will put a little comment under each photo about what I admire in each one.

Photo by J. Puckett, .....its the point of view I like., the negative space of the sky..

Photo by John R. Puckett,..... it's the trompe l'oeil and shadows that seem to pop the windows. 

Photo by John R.'s the irony of the missing letters that I first I read "Yanks"

Photo by John R. Puckett...its the texture and composition I like

Photo by John R.'s the shadows and composition I like

Photo by John R. Puckett......its the contrast of lines and values I like....

Photo by John R. Puckett....its the golden-ness of it all and the "J-Luc Je t'aime"

Photo by John R. Puckett ..... it's the unexpected angle I love

Photo by John R. Puckett,  its the iconic shot but not face on like you would expect

Photo by John R. Puckett  .......its the voluptuous texture that comes through that I like

Photo by John R. Puckett's the color and asymmetry of the arrangement that I like


  1. WOW. Lovely. He has such an artist's eye, doesn't he? Keep them coming.
    Oh, on the cheese picture, I just want to plunge in a knife and take some of each. Love cheeses.


  2. What exquisite pictures all comes to life!


  3. Belles compositions bravo.