Wednesday, May 8, 2013

To do list : Wednesday

 1.   Go for a walk before breakfast.  Get my lazy ass out there again , no excuses.     Did it.... feel smug and it's only the second day. 

 2.   Gawk for a few minutes at the bees which are swarming again and have landed in the pepper tree.   It looks like a big swarm,  three pounds maybe.  They will hang in the tree until the " scouts" find a new location. ... proud of our little wild hive at the base of the olive tree.  

3.  Finish raking up all the rocks that fell off the hill in the rainiest March in Nice history.   Bag 'em up. 

4.     Admire all of the happy irises that love their new location and are blooming like crazy.   Weed for an hour.   Whew , I need a machete after all the rain.    Listen to the "coal tit" babies squeaking in the nesting box every time the parent comes in with food. 

5.   I Clean out the "anti-humidity" boxes in the garage and maybe today we will get some refills. 

6.  I wash the car of all of the red mud rain  ( from Africa?) we had last week.  

7.  I have just put away my winter clothes.  All the give-away clothes are in the hallway.     I call the "Femme de menage" who said she would like to  come for them today... but hasn't called me back.    Tomorrow I will drop off the give-away books for the English/ American library.   It's spring cleaning around here.

8.  Monsieur went to put money in the bank to pay the bills.   Oops,  he's back.... can't do it today because its a holiday: "Le Victoire" .  Probably can't do it tomorrow because it's  "Ascension", another holiday.   Probably most stores will be open, though. 

 9.   It will be a change to go out to the big market with Monsieur in J's car to do the big food shop.  I am usually in class when he goes.    We put in some gas and we are good to go.

10.    Back from market , I put away the food.   I Make a stir fry for lunch .   We have it sitting on the  terrace looking at the Irises, listening to the collared doves trying tirelessly for a mate,  and Mr. Bird ( blackbird) doing his riff.

11.  Answer the fourth email this month, saying no, we don't rent the studio in high season for only three days.  Bookings are down this year.  People are slow to commit and then just want a few days.  Hmmm.  Still we have already had some fun couples.  

12.   Pull four agapanthas out of the garden.  OMG, they have huge root balls and weigh a ton, roots full of water.   It's finally a hot day and I'm parched.  That's it for today.  I'm going inside. 

13.    Finish knitting the back of Kerry's Noro Mossa sweater ..  Yipes, it seems to have stretched widthwise.    I Block it on a cork board.    Fingers crossed it will shrink back.

14.   Finish off the stir fry as an evening snack.  

15.  Watch dvd film:   Robin and Marion by Richard Lester with Sean Connery as Robin Hood and Audrey Hepburn as Marion.   Pretty amusing.  It takes place years later... when they are older. 

16.   Write this post while having a glass of champagne. !!!  


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