Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well, you can see that I have tweaked my blog.  Since I have a goal in mind to visit South Carolina and Georgia this October( where there is lots of great food)  I have cut out chocolate to get down to "fighting weight".   I won't be much of a fight though to get me to eat a Georgia peach or southern fried chicken.

So to honor my gone but not forgotten "drug of choice"  I have put the color chocolate into my new design.
  I think part of the fun of having a blog is to change it, re-think the design sometimes... like people do with hairstyles.
 I changed the font to "Georgia" for now too....  seems propitious.

I had just over 1400 hits on my blog last month. Those who are in the know tell me that a lot of these are machines... but even if half of them are people , I am pleased to have these readers. 

 My  readers are in France, then USA, then Russia and next Germany and a few from everywhere else where English is spoken including the Netherlands and then ...there are a lot of hits from Latvia.  Odd that.

I missed out on some post opportunities recently In the garden, the hydrangeas and petunias were in all their glory with that magnificent violet blue.

    There is something new happening to the Cycas though, so I will go out now and grab some images so you can see what I mean.  See you later. 

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