Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photo maniac

We are right in the middle of the "high" season.  There doesn't seem to be as many tourists as usual for this time of year.  Even my studio is empty for the moment. 

It's hot but with little breezes from time to time throughout the day.  Time to open up the windows and doors early in the morning and then shutter them off for the day. 

 And its in summer that I want to stay inside between eleven and four o'clock.....too hot out. 

My house guests have just left, I've cleaned up and I have a little "créneau" now to put a few more photos up that Roge and I took while he was here. 

My friend calls me a photo maniac but there are so many lovely corners on the Azure Coast..... that I'm smitten. 

 But I must desist and make a big green salad and some smoked trout for lunch.  It's summertime.... 

Italianate frieze, Cimiez  photo MMP

Anglican church, photo MMP

Altar, Cours Saleya,  photo JRP

Cours Saleya  photo JRP

Old town winter, photo JRP

Place Massena, photo JRP

House detail,  photo JRP

FRom the bus window Villefrance market,  photo JRP

photo JRP

From the bus window, Villefranche, photo JRP

Monestary of Cimiez photo MMP

Brother Roge at Jules Cheret museum  photo MMP

Detail frame at Beaux Arts museum  photo MMP

Painting copy by Angelo Garino along the Promenade des Anglais, winter photo JRP
Villa Kerylos,  photo JRP

Detail Villa Kerylos, photo JRP

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