Monday, July 8, 2013

Lily Rose

This is Lily Rose. 

 I met her first when she was a babe in arms .  
Now she is grown up and is a completely natural model. 

Lily has an English mother and a French father and a lovely French accent when she speaks English.  

She lives in the south of France and has her heart set on playing the cello.  She is waiting for an instrument to become available at her school so she can start.

 Lily Rose knows how to pose.  I didn't prompt her but just kept rolling..... one great shot after another. 

This photo reminds me of Renoir's faces...

It was fun to make photos of you Lily...we will do it again sometime.     Maybe modeling will let you save up for your own cello.

1 comment:

  1. Extraordinaire! Lily Rose is a potential SUPER STAR. We trust she'll guard her charming innocence and disarming beauty to emerge 15 years from now as a mature actress/model, or maybe a school teacher/physicist.
    Either way would be fine. ;-) BB