Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wild flowers of the Mediterranean

I am trying to identify these wild flowers that I saw on the hillside the other day in the Var.  But without a proper book, I am at a loss.  Can anyone add any names....preferably common ones?  

The one in the upper right covered by a young oak sapling, may be the "broom" family

Broom with a opalescent bluebell? 
 I know the yellow "broom" is everywhere, large and small flowers.  One of these is what the french call "Genet d' Espagne.  My little book says that there are 20 species in the Mediterranean. 

I know that is wild "honey suckle" at the upper right.

This may be a young plant from rose family and I don't know the grasses either.

I think the white daisy-like shape is "Camomile" and the pink blossoms in the young oak leaves is wild pea.

Lots of little white flowers everywhere. This guy "blended" so nicely.

No idea.

I would say a "wild pea".  I don't know the tiny whitish ones.

Some kind of thistle called a "Chardon" in french

Again, no idea of the name of these pretty little blue flowers.

Don't know....

I know this is wild sage and I would say the roses at left are "cultivated".

I think this is " Queen Anne's Lace"

This may be some kind of dogwood or wild rose

There are three or four different flowers here but I have no ideas.  Do you?

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