Thursday, August 8, 2013

Indian antics at the Asian Art Museum

Last night Jeanne and I went along to the Parc Phoenix in Nice to hear the Bollywood Masala Orchestra from India as it makes it's way through Europe.  

If you missed it you have another chance tonight at 9pm and since it's free, it's well worth it.  Parking was less than 5 euros at the nearby Arenas 2 so you could say we both got in for two and a half euros.

 There are eighteen performers on stage that vary from beguiling dancing girls,  singers and a variety of  musicians representing in this event , a tour through India. 

   They are almost eclipsed, however, when a short , nimble "fakir" walks on stage , treads on a bed of nails (and various other torture instruments) while balancing a jug of water on his head which is only supported by a slim column of water glasses).  After that feat, he then proceeds to spit fire and wow the crowd with his dragon breath stripped down now to only gypsy pants and a string of impressive pearls!  Lord knows what is in the glass he keeps gulping from!!

My pics didn't turn out well but I will post them anyway and you will be able to see much better ones from their site.

Actually there are a few videos on You tube of the group but the real thing will entice you much more. 

 The last act was amusing to the mostly French audience as the Indian Orchestra leader wound a turban on the head of French master of ceremonies ( as a sign of respect and thanks) and as we filed out,  the female dancers had us doing a response call to their seductive arm and hand movements. 

  It was a jolly evening and I would recommend it if you are here this summer. 

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  1. Very interesting. You are lucky to see this. I wish I could have been there.