Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vieux Nice: Day Two

It seems that I never finished showing you , the great photos my brother , John Puckett, took while he was here in Nice last spring.   Each one has some aspect that attracts me although I am starting to take these sites for granted the longer I live here.  I need to get out there with my camera again so that I can see things with new eyes like he does.  

I love the simplicity of the repetition of the arches

I forget that this is how it really is, crowded most of the year

Old world faded charm is in fact "old world faded charm"

..this color is so startling for old Nice, but that orange leads my eye down the path..

I didn't expect a photo could glow!

...the graphic of the path is a good modern contrast to the old walls

The transparency is captivating and I know he took this from the bus window at Villefranche outdoor market.

A bird's eye view can only be obtained from the walkway above.  I have never even been up there!

Such colors for an overcast day.  Brilliant!

The textures and colors are as interesting as the choices of dried fruits...

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