Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pigeon with Peas

I got an email from some "foodies", friends of a friend, who found my blog and are coming to Nice  for a restaurant tour and I realized that I have not posted any recipes lately nor have I been to many of the new restaurants.   If you have any suggestions for them, please give a shout. 

Monsieur's latest kitchen caper was pretty darn tasty so I can post one of his efforts and the source.

The recipe was found in the Financial Times where Rowley Leigh listed Pigeon with Peas in his column.    Just go online and find it under the title.  I won't list it here although I can say that it is  pretty basic... with only , spring onions, pancetta, white wine and chicken stock as ingredients.

Here in France the pigeons came with the heads on ( of course) and they had a white ruff around the neck....  so any relation to the nuisance birds which are ever present in city life is taken away right at the get-go. 

 I suppose in America these pigeons would be called squab.  If you are interested, go ahead and try it.  Pigeon makes a nice change for a poultry choice.   

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