Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jamie Oliver on Obesity in America

I have been listening to this riveting presentation ( link above) by the English chef, Jamie Oliver about what has happened to food education and diet in America.  Even if you think you have heard it all...this will get you off your cushion.

 Tomorrow I will post an article about how the French are handling the same problem.     You still have time to change your resolutions for this year.

 Look who's talking .....sitting here on a sunny Thursday refusing to get off my upholstered tush and take a walk;

  ...she who had bacon (poitrine fume), an egg and a piece of toasted zucchini bread ( ie: cake) for breakfast!


  1. Mhhm :)
    Love that stuff!

  2. I love his passion and his message. He's adorable. Now only if he could shift his message from being negative to empowering. He would be unstoppable!


  3. Thanks Joanne for adding to the discourse.

  4. I love adding to the discourse. And, I love the photo of the eggs and bacon. Yum! Joanne