Saturday, January 8, 2011

Karen Victoria's Caramels

My friend Karen in New York has been experimenting with a handmade line of candies.  I posted earlier about her chocolates and the latest pictures I got from her are these, her caramels.  She hasn't really decided on a name for her line yet and it's still in the early stages but my mouth is already watering over the pictures.  Here is what she wrote.

  "I made the coconut caramels with coconut cream instead of heavy cream and a touch of lemon extract which really worked. I did use some salted Irish butter but half the amount.
 They work! Two of my friends really liked them. I am amazed that people don't like coconut. My friend's husband doesn't like coconut."  

Well, I like coconut but maybe I haven't ever had it on caramels.  I would like to try plain and fancy (with the coconut).

 Guess what Karen?  I just discovered that if it is a small package, the postman can use his key and fit it in my mailbox.... and I won't have to collect at the Bureau de Postes.  ( hint).

 Now that your room renovations are over, you and Luchino, the fetching black feline, have to get back  in gear, Luchino to look for pigeons and sleep,  you, lady, into the kitchen with you!   Your public awaits the next installment of your culinary escapades.  


  1. These look delicious.

  2. I'll be sending you some, Mary, and the not so plain vanilla ones too. Thanks so much for the feature! Karen xox

  3. Yum. I've never understood why people don't like coconut either.