Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sun Sets on 2010

Taken from La Reserve, Nice

End of year musings:

Today I got through most of the rocks and dirt left by the huge avalanche that happened behind the house in the last storm.

 It seems like a metaphor for life these days.  All you can do is haul away one little rock at a time and eventually you get where you thought you wanted to go.  Sometimes there are some giant rocks and those take a bit longer and more effort to move.

I had a memorable end of the year,  refusing to entertain thoughts of the woes or the problems that visit all of us, and seemingly more so last year.   Worry is over-rated and I am working on the art of denial.

There is something to be said for parties to dispel any fears. I had several lovely invitations of fetes to go to at year's end.

  I was invited for Réveillon ( the 31st celebration)  by my french buddies Patrick and Pierre ( not a couple).  This was a party where I counted at least 8 countries represented:  Senegal,  ALgeria, Russia, America, England, Italy,  Latvia, and Cuba not to mention, all the French guests who were there.   This is my favorite kind of fete especially if dancing or music is featured.

 We all danced far into the night and everyone kissed: men with men, women with women, men and women... at the stroke of twelve.  None of that homophobic nonsense that has long persisted in America.

 At this party too were a few children.   My husband had a long conversation with a budding violinist of twelve who is well on her way to a career in music.   There were guests from 5 to 70 years old , all "young".  The few kids who attended behaved beautifully and stayed up late.  It's too expensive for a sitter these days.  If the child is sleepy the next day, at least they had an adult experience and learned how to fit into that. Maybe its good not being the center of the universe, for a change.

   As you read this, I just passed my 4073th  blog hit.   In my first blogger year I have readers from mostly England, France and the States but the rest of Europe too...and Russia and Lebanon!   It keeps me going to have an audience.  What is that about?  It's like graffiti, it's dopamine.

  Many thanks for coming all this way with me.  Like Tin Tin and his buddies lets have many more adventures and episodes together.  Wishing you big imagination for 2011,  Bonne Année.

Taken in Biarritz 


  1. This Biarritz photograph is out of this world!!
    Your writing...:)))

  2. Wow. Both photos are amazing. A friend of mine has a coaster that says : Better living through denial. She said it was working for her. Joanne

  3. It looks like the sunset graced us all at the close of 2010.


  4. Avalanche? What? I know what you mean about moving rocks. The photos are incredible.

  5. Today I spent some time reading your blog and I must say that it is really wonderful. I like your writing style and the photos are really top notch. I have been thinking of getting a new camera and judging by some of your results I might get a Canon S95, the successor to yours. Equipment aside, your composition is marvelous. Keep up the good words and pictures. :-* R/