Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vegetable Soup and Postcards from Spain

Today we had a fabulous vegetable soup made by my talented husband who surprisingly has just started cooking last year and then only occasionally,  and has had only hits in the kitchen.  

  For this soup he used carrots, cabbage, leeks, onions, celery root, thyme and white beans for the basic texture and flavor.     But what made it extra tasty was that he made his own beef broth..  It is a lot of work , but the soup lasted us two days and was another  hit.......filling and wintery warm.

For the toast, (my little part), I stuck it under the grill in the oven and then wiped a clove of garlic over the slices and used some dry rosemary leaves on top as well as sea salt.  Then I drizzled extra fine olive oil over each slice as the recipe called for.

This really makes the difference in the over all taste sensation.   If you want to have a go, look up the recipe of Golden Bouillon by Rowley Leigh who has a column in the Financial Times.  We have tried several of his recipes and are keen on his ideas.  

Monday I am getting away from Nice on a little jaunt to Spain, where I have a friend staying in Marbella.   I am not sure that we will have nice weather (it's raining on and off in both places ) but it is a change of horizon.  It's funny how humans resist change at the same time that it's seemingly programmed into our DNA as something we need to do.

  Sure everyone wants more money , more happiness , more this and that,  but look how we often resist  that which is unfamiliar.   I have found myself doing that lately.  I need a little wake up. 

So now, I am off for a little mini adventure for a week and I will let you know how it goes.   

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  1. Dear Mary!
    Thank you for your wonderful and sweet comments!
    What a lovely sunday this is! :))
    I want to wish you a fun and safe trip!
    And please take a picture! or two! :)
    Eagle Eyes :)