Friday, January 21, 2011

Paper whites

                                                     photo from Sunset Magazine

Digging in the garden, I found my stand of paper white narcissus pushing up through the oxalis which has spread itself in a congratulatory way as king of the turf.  

When I got my first apartment as a girl of 20, I decided to bring bulbs in early into the house and have continued to plant them inside or out wherever I find myself.  
A sniff of narcissus as you pass by is worth a thousand other thrills .  It is one of the things I associate now with the beginning of the year with all its hope for what might be ours with a shift of spirit....all that might be ours if we can just stay blithe and positive. 

 Did I just use the word blithe for the first time in my life?   Hilarious, I am waxing poetic.  That's what paper whites do for me.  


  1. Stay blithe and positive, it suits you, as does a pair of fucia pink tights and a minin skirt and black sweater and very fun shoes, not to mention cool bag and jewels!!!xxxxx

  2. Thanks Pink. I've got the outfit and I'll think of you when I wear it.

  3. I love this blithe and gay blog! Narcissus symbolize purity, Cleanliness and the promise of spring. They are so delicate and subtle but their perfume is powerful, otherworldly.

  4. I love this and I love the way they smell. Now I am thinking about spring. Andrea

  5. Mine didn't bloom very well this year, so I will enjoy your paper white poetry instead.