Friday, August 19, 2011

All is Right with the World

Photo by Puckett

All is Right with the World

by David Puckett

Leonette showed me a tiny tree frog (Pacific Chorus)
sitting motionless on a honeysuckle leaf.
We have four hanging baskets, there is a tree frog in each one.
The stock market is plunging, the US credit rating is all to shit.

A few years ago we found a frog in the Sweet Alyssum basket and we
were sure it got in by mistake so we “rescued” it.
Next day, it was back or another just like it. 
A mini micro climate getting rain twice daily.
From a watering can.

In the evening a bat flits around the backyard and comes within a few
feet of our peering faces. 
A nighthawk peents in a twilit sky across a brilliant waxing moon.
London is rioting, gold is $1740 an ounce.

   ps.  I have a brother, my middle one, who writes poems from time to time and he as agreed to let me share some of them.   I jumped at the chance before he changed his mind.  He and his wife Leonette, live in Oregon.  


  1. This is so wonderful! Thank you Mary for posting it and Dave for it. I feel the same...


  2. I love it. So does my writer friend in Tulsa. Please send me Dave's email so I can tell him and say HI. Love,