Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alsatian Restaurant: Nice

Alsatian Restaurant: Nice

  The woman across the way sits alone, bemused.

I eat carefully under her scrutiny.  Perhaps she observes as a poet.  I will be in her story.

I fold my arms just so at the wrist, a model of comportment.  I chew thoughtfully "comme une vache".  I am aware of the olive pit.  Is there a rule?

The choucroute arrives abruptly with a mound of naked white potatoes, sausages....fat pink dismembered digits.
The young man heaps the woman's plate... steaming cabbage, a ham hock, 2 enormous sausages , potatoes. 

Her eyes are points of concentration while she awaits his retreat.

Now she goes to work..smearing, cutting, chewing... slowly chewing.
 The smile is gone now. 
There is serious business at hand.

A tiny bit of mustard loges in the corner of her mouth.
I write in my little book.

Mary Payne

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