Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Secret Garden

  Today, I want to admit something.  First of all my good intentions about the gym fell apart months ago and I now consider myself virtuous if I get out for a morning walk around 7:00 before the sun is already climbing with nimble step.

  I take a route down and around my house peeking in at people's gardens.....

This one is my favorite, a labor of love...

 It has been developing steadily over the last ten years or more, plant by plant, paving stone by

carefully placed paving stone. 

 It was nothing to begin with. ...just nothing special at all.

I believe it the work of one woman.  I believe she works by herself, mostly with small tools.  I waved to her one day and acknowledged her offering.

  I get who she is....  she is an artist with a canvas.  Now she has taken over the unused yards of the houses on either side of her.  One wonders if they made her pay or were just happy to see the fallow soil come alive again. 
 There are  grape vines and vegetables and places to sit.  There is variation of color and varieties of leaf structure.   There are fruit and olive and cypress trees, carefully spaced.   She has a real eye and way with it all.

 I so appreciate this woman and my early morning peek over her wall.  You can tell she just loves this bit of earth.


  1. "Lovely garden. Did you use your helicopter to shoot the photos?"


  2. Yes, absolutely. I got around the "high wall keeps out all"
    by taking the road above. What wonders must lurk behind all the high walls here.

  3. Hi sweet acknowledgement..the garden the heart and the soul..everything and I mean everything we need to know in life is in the garden........


  4. Everything except treachery, betrayal, mendacity, duplicity, infidelity, and Burpee seeds.


  5. Thank you for this. Beautiful!


  6. beautiful. Thanks for sharing.