Monday, August 15, 2011

Assumption Day: Nice

                  Assumption Day : Nice

A glimpse of cobalt sea.
Everywhere, brown hands clutch plump mats for  the pebble beach.
I am not seduced. 

 I am walking to buy a pot of paint..the color of my eyes.

On the Day of Assumption, my name day, the sun has no cover.
A rivulet of sweat runs down my spine.
My yellow sandals suck the pavement like gecko feet.

I am walking to buy a pot of paint the color of my eyes.

A man pees against the wall. 
I turn away.....but not for his sake.
It is his birthright, his privilege.
"Men have been doing it for centuries" he would surely say.

I am walking to buy a pot of paint the color of my eyes.

A Muslim girl covered to the ground in thick black
sports a magenta head scarf. A fashion statement?  The scarf shimmers in the bright sun. 
I hope she is nude underneath.  

The day is ochre and dense, but I am bringing back a pot of paint as cool and light as the bluest sea.

  It is not in fact the color of my eyes.


  1. ‎"It's a grand old name".


  2. "love the name Mary. I liked reading your poem. Happy name day!"

    Karen Victoria

  3. I love your poem and the pictures and writings you have been sending. They brighten my mornings.


  4. I love the poetry! It's a daring and creative direction, and fun! I especially liked the Alsatian riff...