Thursday, August 18, 2011

Through a chain linked fence.

  I noticed in le Cannet looking for the vistas of some of Bonnard's paintings that almost all the stunning views that artists once saw are now blocked off by private residences and walls. Still I have found a few peek holes through the fences and over the backs of cars.  Here is my morning walk.

I go up the alley of Cypress sentinels,  to the Abbaye de Roseland.

Its not really an Abbey but was constructed piecemeal a-la-Hearst's Castle by a wealthy Nicoise family in the 20's.  

 Now the world has built condos around it so it is a bit less proud...but still appreciated enough to be lovingly restored by the city last year.  

The abbey is the last photo here that was not taken through a chain linked fence.  

I poked through a driveway for this one.

                                     THis landscape portrait was waiting around the bend.

The game is to find a freeze frame as in a film of the Riviera in the 20's ....

  But the Mediterranean views still  make it a breathtakingly beautiful place to be.


  1. "Nice photos the light..."