Saturday, October 22, 2011

From the studio

Charcoal of Julie

                                                                       Oil sketch

                                                   Charcoal of Antoine's dancer's back


                                                               Croquis of Alicia

                                                              Pen and Ink

As you can see I never have developed a distinctive personal style.  I think that I just draw according to whatever influence I have had at the time.  When I see something inspirational, I want to take off from it and see if I can do the style or push it further.    According to Picasso this is an entirely acceptable method of proceeding.   I think his quote was " bad artists copy, good artists steal".

I have started back to my class in etching and in preparation for some 15x20 cm plaques in copper and in zinc, I took some pictures of drawings I had done in art classes over the years.

  I spent some years studying the human form with a live model.  These are some of the photos that I can now print into the exact size I need for the etchings.     Since, you asked, I will post them a few at a time.


  1. Good News, enjoy it to the utmost.

    Vicki Karen

  2. Right where you belong, sweetie...hello to Kerry please...and hugs to all!

    Mary M.

  3. Beautiful! Good for you. xo


  4. LOVE these, Mary