Friday, October 7, 2011


Croquis is the french word for what we would call quick sketching... done under ten minutes a pose.  Often if you have a class they will call for 2, 3 and 5 minute poses until you get to 10 minutes.  It is gestural drawing and it is refreshing to not expect too much of yourself.

 I was looking through my collection of drawings today for some ideas of things to engrave and I found these few that I had done over ten years ago.  The model was Alicia,  my favorite.  She was the model who let us draw her through all the stages of her pregnancy.  These were before that, of course, when I first started drawing.

  I am slowly easing back into art.  A lot of challenges are coming forward in my life right now, and I have tried to stay away from art for a while to work on these "other " projects .   But  sometimes you just have to give in to what saves you.

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