Sunday, October 23, 2011

More drawings....

I realized from my last post that I often choose to draw the model from the back.  Besides liking the curves of backs and buttocks,  I think backs are easier to draw than faces.   There is also the system of first come first choice of place in the class.  Funnily enough many students choose to face the model as if they can somehow capture more of his/her essence.  

Still it looks like I have a few portraits and full frontals...

    That I have done over the years...

       I even tried to get a resemblance of one of my brothers with watercolors, but it shows more about his energy than his features, actually.

  This is one of my favorites.  It was done after my teacher, Patrice Juige, suggested that I work with my left hand.  I really couldn't help myself from trying to "perfect" lines all the time which is much easier with my right hand ( je suis droitier) .

But this one shows that it is more interesting to keep the scribble quality and not erase.  This picture is worked with both left and right hands....hard to break the habit of "picture perfect".



  1. Mary....your drawings are wonderful.


  2. Beautiful! Good for you. xo