Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spaghetti with Tomatoes, fresh and cooked

My beloved Monsieur is a tomato freak.  I guess that is the modern way of saying that he is obsessed with tomatoes.  He used to eat so many that he developed an allergy to the whole family of "nightshades" which include, potatoes, eggplant , tobacco, tomatoes and peppers.  At least that is my theory on the mysterious allergy that came and went. 

 For about 10 years he couldn't touch the stuff but suddenly he can again.  Now he is making up for those years with great gobs of fresh tomatoes appearing every weekend as he scours his favorite haunts for the best and most flavorful.  

I am pretty sure that this version of his tomato sauce contains several red and yellow varieties that he carefully blanched, seeded, and cored  removing the hard inner white bits.  He is nothing if not thorough.  He believes strongly that this makes a difference in the outcome.   

Maybe he is right although I am less finicky.  Lately we had a guest who is the best amateur cook we know to sample the dish you see here.  Monsieur gave me all the credit for adding the cherry tomatoes on top which was inspired if I do say so and adds the needed sweetness,  but really the dish is his signature "assiette".

  Our friend pronounced it the winner for best tomato sauce she had ever eaten.  Oh, did I say that the secret ingredient is wine syrup, that he adds during the simmering phase.  EE-umm, EE-umm (Yumm, Yumm) as the FRench are wont to say.


  1. Mary, I remember when Kerry was "allergic" to tomatoes...fortunately that is no longer the case! The sauce he made looks fantastic & the cherry tomatoes are the icing on the cake!


  2. Wowie wowie, I love the pictures! What a still-life with the cherries, tomatoes, and raspberries. You could sell that as a poster. I'd buy one. For some reason the spaghetti shot reminds me of Dean Martin singing "That's amore," which i really adore. Vicki Karen xox

  3. Thanks, ladies for your participation. The food in France is still as good as ever...just more expensive than before... like everywhere now.

    Yes, I can see what a fun poster that pic would array of reds. I could't resist my little arrangement when K brought it back to the house.

    Just the thought of Dean Martin makes me grin, too.