Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More advice on how to give a cat a pill

I just received this method from Gail. http://volker.dnsalias.net/Jokes/txt/cat-pill So true , so true, Gail. 

 I am sipping a vodka as I write this after returning cat and  borrowed car in one piece from the vet.  I don't drink beer but I can relate to the humorous piece above.  

 Not only do we have a national one day strike which means all the cars were on the road, but after the vet I had to ask four drivers to move so I could get out of the minuscule bet parking. It took us 15 minutes to find corners to back into.   That done,  I was literally praying that I would not meet someone on my narrow road.  But no such luck, I had to reverse to the mouth of the road with a ditch on one side as a huge SUV barreled down on me. 

 I lead too sheltered a life.  That is certain.  I need to borrow the car more and get my driving mojo back.  

 ... but just thankful there is only one more day of the pill giving for me and for Bessie. 

   By the way,  after the vet today, we are in the clear.  Bessie was pronounced fit and ready to take on the ginger cat , the black cat, and Gladiator Junior, (the one with the collar that is always picking fights in the neighborhood).     By the way , Leslie and Roz, I tried the blanket technique for wrapping the cat before you give the pill ... and it worked like a charm.  


  1. hilarious! I love it.

    Vicki Karen

  2. you must have heard of this, but in case you haven't, wrap the cat in a large towel or heavy cloth, so they can't use their paws. then tilt their head back, etc. and hold their mouth closed while their head is back, until they swallow and they will..."

  3. Oh, good . Leslie proposed the same. I'll try this tomorrow...last pill day. thanks ladies.

  4. And after the last pill day I think you AND Bessie deserve a shot of vodka.