Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aquatint: Part IV

Print # 2

Print number two does not inspire me.  It is badly inked with fingerprints clearly visible and there is a lack of a dark contrasting value.  

 I decide to redo the resin for the two darkest tones.  In order to do this I must be sure to cover all of the light areas with a layer of "stop out" varnish before the plate goes into the resin cabinet for a second time.  

Print # 3

Here is the next print after that process and another acid bath.  I have used some paper to wipe  some areas of the plate which in this case has left a mottled appearance.  However, the darks now give a better contrast.  
I don't like the demarcation on the lower egg shell of the side shadow.   I take some metal polish and a burnisher to work on this area. 

Print # 4

This is the best print so far.  You can see that I have managed to fade out the lower egg shell side shadow a bit.  Those three little specks are flakes of chalk (blanc de Meudone) that were left on the press when the last person cleaned the plexiglass cover.  I will have to be more careful and check it next time.... but I can dab those with a wash of watercolor later.

  Even thought the Prof. considers this a good print, I would still like to lighten the next one and work with the burnisher a bit on the top egg shell to get more contrast.    I might also darken some outlines.

This year I am starting to really appreciate the process of printmaking and enjoy the class more.  A lot has changed since we got a new professor last year and just maybe.....maybe I have learned some patience along the way.