Sunday, March 3, 2013

Highlights of the week

New french friend, Juliette, two weeks old ( such a thrill)

Wearing my first hand knitted sweater (It's supposed to roll on the bottom, just saying)

Made a salad out of this errant child of Radicchio

Mozzi finds a new spot for a nap ( in front of the heater)

Dug two giant plants out of the garden ( took me two days of sawing and digging)

Second bike ride of the season,  (  I am ready for Chemin de Terron, Jeanne)

Starting new knitting project, self stripping, so much fun.


  1. I just noticed my comment under starting new knitting project. " Self stripping" sounds a lot better than "self striping" but actually I meant that this yarn stripes itself as you go along.

  2. Wow, so cool that there is such a thing as self-striping yarn. I didn't know about it. Self-stripping, cute! Karen