Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weird looking food category

This strange tumor-like monstrosity is not from the latest horror film nor is it a truffle.  It is another delicacy that I can buy here in Nice at the outdoor market and if not here, I can easily find it across the border in Italy.

It is a fire roasted beet or "betterave" as it is called in France.  You may be familiar with roasted beets but I was not until living in Milan.  

If you take a look on the web , you will see all sorts of inspired recipes and ways to roast them yourself.  Here is a site that caught my eye with its delectable sounding salad with radicchio and chevre ( goat cheese) and black olives, all Nicoise specialties.  

Photo by blog: Smarthmouth


What could be easier when all the work of roasting is already done for you by the vendor.  

Whoa,  I am getting hungry now.  Let's try it. 

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