Friday, March 15, 2013

I do art, I make stuff

I am a "faiser".  This is a "made up" word from the French " faire" : "to do , to make". 
This is a collage I found downstairs in my things..... I made it a while ago when I was experimenting with technique ( vodka and tissue paper), color etc.... and it includes a scrap of an old love letter written to me by a boy who is no longer living.... a boy who died before he was a man.  

 If I hired an "art-speak-bull-pucky" type to write about this piece, he would say it is a "bittersweet tribute to love and youth".  

 I no longer have this boy to laugh with about our exploits together in the early days of "drugs, sex and rock and roll" ..... and, for that matter, I no longer have youth.  But I do still make stuff and it's fun.... and can get obsessive. 

In 1924, Francis Scovell Shinn wrote a intriguing little text called " The Game of Life and How to Play it".  In there she says that we all have the right to "health, wealth, love and perfect self expression."   The first three are pretty easily defined, but what is your idea of perfect self expression?  

  Is it making a home, effecting change in your world, raising a kid, making music, cooking, creating a product, collection or  business,  bringing people together,  making people laugh?   

There probably isn't just one thing.... but if there is you will know it because you love doing it..... and you probably get obsessive about it. 


  1. This post made cry...moving thoughts about who we really are and how we define it!

    xx, Leslie