Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bundala National Park: Photo shoot

Peacock, Sri Lanka, photo by Mary M Payne

Egret follows his special cow...Cattle Egret photo by Mary m Payne

Large monitor lizard, photo by Mary M Payne

Plover and pheasant tailed Jacana, photo by Mary M Payne

Indian Darter,  photo by Mary M Payne

Mystery bird,  I think a lapwing,    photo by Mary M Payne

Great Painted Stork, Photo by Mary M Payne

Spoonbill, Photo by mary m payne

Spoonbill, Sri Lanka,  photo by mary m payne

Our Guide, Dee

Red Soil of Bundala region

Me in my Tilly Hat

Cactus in bloom,

Fishermen's huts at Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka,  photo by Mary M Payne

Marsh Sand Piper  , photo by Mary M Payne

Mother and baby , photo by Mary M Payne

Salt Flats,  Sri Lanka, photo by Mary M Payne

A lone male at Bundala,  photo by Mary M Payne

Grahame, Dave, Jo,  Anna , photo by Mary M Payne

Dave and Mary, photo by Mary M Payne
  Bundala includes jungle, marshland and salt flats so it is an ideal place to see most of Sri Lanka's birdlife. We saw dozens of of birds that I didn't get a chance to snap. 

 We saw Kingfishers and Spoonbills, Bulbuls, Parakeets in the wild, Myna birds, Thick-knees, Stilts, Lapwings, Wagtails, Plovers, Sandpipers, Cormorants, and Terns and the national bird of Sri Lanka, the jungle fowl.  We saw a few of those running around.  I also have some pictures of the gang when our jeep stopped to have a break.   

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