Friday, April 14, 2017

On the Road through Sri Lanka

Speeding by bus through the countryside or slowing through the towns doesn't make for great pictures.  These blurry pics remind me of Gerhard Richter's landscapes from a train paintings.

But I am posting them anyway because although we were seeing specific famous landmarks on our journey, we were also getting a sense of the way the Sri Lankans go about their everyday life.  

Often to beat the heat, the towns came alive with shopping at dusk. 

 This is the kind of store where one can buy spirits, beer or wine.  The selection of wine is one red or one or two whites only.   That's our Sri Lankan guide, Waruna and our Ian at the window going for beer for dinner. 

These are shots taken in the picturesque fields of rice cultivation near the two national parks we visited.  Often we saw harvested rice laid out in the road on a tarp to dry in the sun.

Cultivation of Rice, photo by Mary M Payne

Harvesting and drying of rice grains,  Sri Lanka photo by Mary M payne

On the west coast of the island we encountered many coconut plantations.  Here is a glimpse of one.

Coconut tree being harvested in Galle Fort.  photo by Mary M Payne

This is a rather posh house.  We saw tiny one room dwellings next to grand houses like this one in many areas of the island.  

A Buddhist Stupa.  photo by Mary M Payne

These are fine examples of "tuk tuks", three wheelers.... the most common vehicle on the road.  

This policeman was keeping an eye on a political rally.

Some towns were obviously predominately Muslim judging by the  scarves and leggings under the dress for the girls and the traditional garb for men as seen above.  
Conservative Muslim girls in Sri Lanka ,  photo by blogs.ft

I was amused by this choice of balustrade for a home.  

This tree, my favorite was found all over the island..... I am pretty sure that it is called a " Rain tree" although umbrella tree would be more appropriate.  

Even from the bus we did see a lot of Sri Lanka ( at least the southern half)  It is as they say, a lush and verdant land. ... The Emerald Isle. 

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