Friday, April 7, 2017

On the Road to Kandy: The Manor House

Entry into Manor House, Kandy,  photo by Mary M Payne

Today is 5 or 6 hours drive from Haputale to Kandy where we check in at Nugawela into a converted villa of a former rural chieftain;  a chief justice in the Kandyan Court and the chief custodian of the Temple of the Sacred tooth Relic of the Buddha during his time. 

The Manor House, formerly called Nugawela Walauwa, was built in 1884 by the Nugawela family for their youngest son.   The story the manager told me was that the son never lived in it as he was told that it was inauspicious...his stars not lining up for it.  He just made sure that each of his children was born there for the records and used it for meetings and events.    

  Originally the house stood on nine acres of land with paddy fields.   After the land was divided amongst nine children and after Nilame's death, the house changed hands several times and then was left to deteriorate.    

The present owners, a charming Sinhalese couple, acquired the property in 2005 and put a lot of work and loving care into making it into the present boutique hotel.  At the moment they are adding a pavilion for weddings next to the pool area.  

Manor House in glow of sunset,  Kandy,  photo by Mary M Payne
Pool at Manor House,  photo by Mary M Payne
My room, sleeping area.   Manor House, Kandy  photo by Mary M Payne

My bathroom,  Manor House, Kandy,  photo by Mary M Payne

Entrance sitting room, Manor House, Kandy photo by Mary M Payne

First rays of sunset, Kandy,  photo by Mary M Payne

Last rays of sunset,  photo by Mary M Payne

Another lovely Sri lankan dinner at the manor house and we decide since it is still a full moon celebration that we will visit the celebrated Temple of the Tooth Relic tomorrow at nightfall as the daytime is sure to be full of pilgrims.  In the daytime we will proceed to the Royal Botanical Gardens after breakfast al fresco at the Manor house as planned.

But tomorrow turns out to hold more surprises for us.  

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  1. Hi Mary

    I visited it in 1985 and met an old friend there coincidentally :-) Sri Lanka is a wonderful place. Enjoy your trip and keep posting your pics. I wonder if you are going to Nuwara Eliya. We stayed at the Hills Club Hotel and at St. Andrews.