Sunday, April 16, 2017

Faces of Sri Lanka

Pupil at Dutch Bay School

Cool hair guy,  Galle,  photo by Oriel Sufrini

Children at Dutch Bay School

Tell Tale staff come to cut coconuts for us all, Galle

Gemstone polisher, Galle

Weaver, Galle

Shopkeeper, Galle

Lacemakers, Galle

Tea producer, Hanunugoda

Cinnamon producer, Koggala Lake

 Ceremonial Drummer, Temple of the Tooth Relic, Kandy

Hopper Chef, Unawatuna

Lace maker, Galle

 Guide,  Yala National Park

Fisherman, Dutch Bay

Cat ,Manor House, Kandy

Pupil  at Dutch Bay School

Puppy at Fistherman children's school, Dutch Bay

 Staff manager at Dutch Bay Resorts

Batik maker

Pupil at Dutch Bay School

Wood carver , Galle

Pupil  at Dutch Bay School 

Pupil at Dutch Bay

Small donkey , photo by Dave Puckett

Staff worker at the Manor House, photo by Dave Puckett

Pupil at Dutch Bay

Pupil at Dutch Bay

Pupil at Dutch Bay

Pupil at Dutch Bay

Pupil at Dutch Bay

 Primary Teacher at Dutch Bay School

I like taking photos of people.  In two weeks I managed to shoot quite a few quick portraits. 
 I find the people of Sri Lanka to be beautiful,  dignified, engaging and soft spoken .    Whenever I got a chance, I talked to people and it was always rewarding.   The Sri Lankans I met radiate contentment, even happiness even though I know that many of them lack the material wealth we take for granted. 

 The children of the poorest seem the most charming of all.   As you can see, I couldn't resist them and will post more of their images later. 

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