Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spinner Dolphin boat trip

Indian Ocean beach,  photo by Dave Puckett

The next morning we are off to see if we can locate the spinner dolphins.  One of the staff at Dutch Bay has made us some rudimentary benches so he can transport us to the sea in his jeep.   We board our boats near a fisherman's hut. 

Fisherman's home on the Indian Ocean, Dutch Bay

Pauline standing while we wait to board

 But first before we start searching,  our boats must register with the authorities of animal welfare.  We land on a strip of fisherman's beach while we wait our turn. 
 Nothing better to do than look around.   There is all the business of fishing but in the middle is a policeman with his striking blue and black uniform.  He must be the one that oversees the registration and collection of fees.   I must say he is handsome. 

We then set out and it is not long before we encounter hundreds of dolphins.    I didn't really capture the thrill of it with my still camera.   Oriel just sent me some of her good photos though.  Thanks, Oriel.  And thanks Anna, too for that nice one of Dave. 

Dee and Dave up front, Jo and Anna behind

That is Dave in our partner boat, photo by Anna Mayall

photo by Oriel Sufrini

photo by Oriel Sufrini

photo by Oriel Sufrini

photo by Oriel Sufrini

photo by Oriel Sufrini

Why do they leap out of the water? ...I don't think anyone knows for sure.  What about just for fun.... and "cause they can".  

 One dolphin kept leaping out in the same place 5 or 6 times as if to say, "Dummy, get the photo will ya?"  

I have a cool video but as luck would have it , I can't get it to compress and show itself.  I will have to post that later.  


  1. Don't stop now, how am I going to travel the world?


  2. Keep it coming, I love this adventure.