Monday, April 17, 2017

Dutch Bay : Kalpitiya Peninsula

March 15 we have a late breakfast "al fresco" at the manor house with more Sri Lankan breakfast treats by the Manor House's smiling chef....
 and then we are off to go to Dutch Bay at the northern end of the Kalpitiya Peninsula to see the spinner dolphins. 

  After passing terrain dotted with coconut plantations, we make our way across a rutted road to the tip of the peninsula where the bus can go no further.  We pass fishermen's cottages and huts for selling and cutting fish along to the sea edge. 

  There small boats are waiting for us to take us across a narrow channel to the island of Dutch Bay.  

Our Destination ,Dutch Bay Resorts

Tip of the peninsula where we unload our suitcases onto boats.

Anna, heips June.  Dave and Pam in background.  

After a scramble into new, unpackaged life jackets, we get a glimpse in the distance of "chalets" hidden in the mangroves, our destination.

 As we will find out from the introduction from our host, Mr. Neil,  this afternoon, these are the beginning of what will be an extensive luxury complex that is being built by Dutch Bay Resorts.  

Pier being constructed into the enclosure of the resort

Salt water pool and open dining area at Dutch Bay Resort

Our eloquent host,   "Neil"

This place is a happy surprise.   Every chalet is freshly painted.   The rooms are commodious and chic.   There is a separate lodging for each of us solo travelers with a king size bed,  a couch, a tv,  a few picture books, a large outdoor shower room, a private terrace, and a dressing area with a refrigerator and a wall safe and hey.... fluffy bath robes.      

dressing area,  photo by Dave Puckett

When they get it completely finished and the place is running  smoothly it will be a 4 star destination and very private.   

  And there are no mosquitoes ( at least on me) or creepy insects so I love the outdoor shower room this time.

We finally get our luggage sorted to our rooms and look forward to a cocktail hour and barbecue tonight. But first,  there are massages available for about 40 euros an hour and I sign up for the masseuse to come to my chalet before dinner.  

For cocktail hour, I have figured out that fresh lime juice, always available with tonic water is really refreshing and if you dare you can have a shot of vodka with that.   Yes, they stock liquor here which is not always the case in Sri Lankan guest houses.

The barbecue this evening is shellfish with two kinds of marinated tuna with  white and red sauces ; a rice dish,  a pasta dish and more accompaniments.    For dessert there is the Sri Lankan specialty of Buffalo curd with honey or there is ice cream if you prefer.  

  This I hear is also a good chef and he proves it over the next couple of days.   

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