Sunday, April 23, 2017

Homeward Bound

Its time to wrap up this voyage and this long tale.  Thanks for bearing with me,  following my written journal (with the unappealing name of a "blog").    Writing it down and researching it all a bit was a way for me to share my photos and make sense of our whirl-wind experience.

 After we left  the island of Dutch Bay and those marvelous children, there were no more big adventures lined up for us. 

  We were to drive back to Colombo and stay close to the airport for an early morning departure back to our "real" lives. 

But not before one more gracious guest house , another Indian Ocean setting and a last barbecue.  We had that night to let our hair down, have a cocktail and relax before switching into the next mode....   in this case, the "rigors of travel" mode. 

If I could be teleported to a location, I would travel more.  It takes a certain amount of grim determination for me to sit for more than 13 hours on a plane in a little seat, to endure more than an hour at passport control and then get myself to still another terminal, another plane and another country.   

Looking back though, I realize that but for that last stretch in planes and airports,  it was a wonderful journey to an enchanting place. 

 Dave and I were lucky to find the right itinerary and travel company  

 Being grouped with a compatible bunch of folks who thankfully were always quick with the wisecrack and the laugh, made the difference as well. 

 Without Dee, Waruna, Mehindra and my fellow travelers, it wouldn't have been half as much fun.

  So "chapeau", as they say in France...." Hat's off to you" those who participated and to even those reading.  Thanks for your part in my dream trip to the Emerald Isle. 

  Keep me posted.   Where are you going next?  I can always dream.

Back row from left, staff (manor house), Grahame, Mrs de Silva ( Manor House owner), Oriel, Jo,(hiding) Pauline, Dave, Ian, two staff members,
Front Row, from left  : Anna, June, Mary, Pam   photo by Dee courtesy of Anna Mayall

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