Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art Project - Preview

I just went into town and had my wallet lifted from my purse with a big wad of money with it.

 It could have been worse but to distract myself after canceling my plastic,  I am having a look at mail I have saved.

My friend Bruce sent me this site which is google's effort for letting us have an in-depth view of some of the world's most respected art museums.   It is really fantastic.  Watch all the videos and it will give you an idea how to use the site.

 I have not even begun to explore it myself but this week was the first time in ten months that I have wanted to set foot in my studio.

 Things are percolating here and I am going to have a good long look to push myself into inspiration.

Don't fret about my wallet.  One has to move on and go directly into grateful mode.  I still have my health and my friends.

 There are professional pic pockets in town as it is Carnival this week.  I should have been more alert.  

 I am honing that skill of gratefulness which is not the human default position.  Try it.  It works most times on the small stuff of life.

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