Monday, February 14, 2011

Marbella, Day four

Lazy day up early and played with the cats and had a lie in after our long day on the road.

 As much as we loved the Alhambra in all its subtle magnificence,  we have decided Seville and Cordoba will have to wait for another time.

 I decided to take some pictures from the terrace of our apt to give you an idea of Marbella.  I do get the feeling that more than half of these apartments are holiday homes because there are not a lot of people in town, the best time to come.  

This is from the West side terrace looking back at the mountains.

                                             Same view angled down to roof below.

Jeanne is going to do her laps in the pool but now that I have been a guest one day they want 28 euros for another visit.  I decide to spend the day doing what people do on vacation....

    which is sit in the park...

Watch the pigeons bathe in the fountain....

     Walk along the sea.....

    Admire the wide marble walkways.....

     Keep the elephant company from a sunny spot.....

    And pet Bessie....the magnificent Maine Coon and her mom, Maddie.

Tonight we dine at our favorite bar where the waitresses bring by plates of tempting tapas .  There is  succulent cod with red sauce or cod with beranaise sauce,  croquettes with cheese, artichoke hearts with sauce, creamed spinach on toast  in fact all of them are served on slices of good bread.  There are  meats if you wish.   Tapas vary from 1.50 to 2 euros .  You can have two good glasses of  red wine and four tapas for under 10 euros.  My idea of a fun evening meal.


  1. The colours in your photographs are just amazing!
    Talking about a "super duper" camera :)
    The first image from the apartment has a very nice composition, i like the red from the sun-block curtains
    Have a lovely Monday <3

  2. We spent a week each in Seville and Cordoba,
    and found Cordoba to be much more charming and pleasant than Seville, so....BB

  3. Cats, elephants, pigeons. . .it's a zoo over there!