Friday, February 18, 2011

Spanish Birthday Party: Day Six

I have not mentioned that I think the Spanish people are a warm and welcoming population and to test my hypothesis we have been invited to a Birthday party today, Sunday, by the owner of our apartment in Marbella who is an old and valued friend of Jeanne.

We are going out into the country where he and his partner  have bought a house with an almost 360 degree view of the sea and mountains for what we would pay for a good single apartment in Nice.  There is 20 percent unemployment in Spain and the crisis has hit the housing market rather hard.  If you have cash you can pick up amazing bargains now.

 The house we visit is almost spherical,  perched on a cliff with splendid views and is full of oddly shaped but spacious rooms .  The owners have made it cozy and practical and have added lots of garden features great for parties.

We are early but after our first drink we watch the making of the sangria punch by a fabulous woman lawyer who I heard is also a great cook.   She was there with her husband and teenage son ( not pictured).

Olayee, olayee, olayee.... they all chant as they stir it round and round and add more sugar, champagne and fruit.

Philippe, who is French, passes the sangria to all and at last he enjoys a glass  himself.  This is Miguel's sister who was in charge of so much of the good food that arrived.

  Everyone brought something and there was a big array of dishes. THis party was all ages and a variety of social classes ( students, doctors, lawyers, pump salesman, tour guide etc) and mellow.  After Sangria there were other ways of getting high....  including a big cauldron of gin and tonics after lunch.

 In Spain, the law allows that you can carry enough marijuana for your own use which seems to render it less of a big deal and more relaxed but most everybody preferred alcohol at this fete.

    These were the youngest guests at the party, a 12 and 13 year old brother and sister, that I "talked to" all afternoon.  We managed to communicate without much language.

                                                         Some idea of the view they enjoy every day.

                                            Family portrait except for Dad who was there too somewhere.

                                                           Miguel and sis.

                                         I love taking pictures of Jeanne.  You can see why.

                             My kids and I  spent lots of time on the swing mostly together but I was welcomed and spoke to everyone (  20 + people and we received two more to come stay and for another party.... which sadly we had to refuse as we would be leaving Spain soon.  We had a really good time, amazing as my Spanish is zilch.

                                            Philippe takes a time out from playing host.

                There were three birthdays being celebrated and we sang in three languages....

    This is Miguel Picasso, the birthday boy, partner of Philippe, who is a well known disc jockey in Marbella and surrounds.

  Thank you Miguel and Philippe .  We had a grand time.  You really know how to party.

I'm glad your little fluffball mutt returned to the house after walking us all the way to our car down the hill.    Until next time. 

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