Friday, February 11, 2011

Malaga, Marbella old town centers, Day One Spain

Here is my first image shot in Spain.  I figured there would be hundreds of churches to choose from but I couldn't resist the light hitting this one in Malaga.  I could not even find the name of it on the outside.  It was just tucked away in an obscure courtyard and didn't even warrant a visitors fee like the huge Cathedral in the same town which was not served by this sublime setting in the sun.

THis was a trip of firsts and it was the first time with my new camera without an extra memory card or means to recharge the battery.  Luckily I didn't run out of juice until I got home and I could have taken more pics but I was busy living it too.  It was also my first trip to Spain outside of the Balearic islands.  It was about time.

Strange characters above the street in Malaga in the pedestrian zone.  Malaga has quite a charming old town where we ate lunch after Jeanne picked me up from the vast airport there.  I had a plate of Russian salad which the Spanish are very fond of and some grilled fish and of course, flan for dessert.

A peek into the entry of an apartment in the old town of Marbella....lovely old tile work.

A very Spanish courtyard in Marbella old town

Couldn't resist this sky, same mystery church in Malaga

                                               A simple chapel open to all in old town of Marbella

We are staying in a ten story building in Marbella with a view from three sides; the apartment of Jeanne's french friend, Phillipe.  The two cats Jeanne travelled down with are pretty well acclimated to their new home and wide terrace.  And we are close to the park, the promenade along the sea, and shops.  It is an ideal location with lots of cozy restaurants serving tapas.   Jeanne has also found the most magnificent gym I have ever seen which looks over the Mediterranean Sea.  I will get to go tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


  1. Well done Mary!
    These colours are so wonderful :)
    Seems like you had a Grand time!
    Stay tuned?
    You bet!

  2. Groovy pictures! So much color and that deep blue sky knocked me out.