Monday, February 21, 2011

Saint's Procession , Sunday night

Last night after the party we were urged to make our way down into a nearby village to witness the ceremony taking place there.  I have been reading an old Mary Stewart novel that perfectly describes what must have taken place for centuries and is what we saw Sunday night,

" the saint is brought out of the church where he lies the year round in a dim shrine all smoky with taper-light, and is carried throughout the streets in his golden palanquin." 

 In this case it was the image of two saints which were carried in a procession. 

 I don't know the significance of the saints or their names or for that matter the name of the village but I felt that this was a time honored rite that we were privileged to witness.  The saints no doubt are patron saint's of this particular village.

On procession days a crowd from the village lines the streets to greet the saints.  

From the upper balconies are tossed sweets and peanuts in their shells.  The children scramble to 
fill their pockets.

          All the able young men and women of the parish are pressed into service to carry the palanquins.

Several bands composed of players of all ages intone the serious music that accompanies the procession.

        The elders accompany with lighted tapers as the procession winds throughout the village.

             And juxtaposed to this religious rite is a cacophonous carnival with rides, bumper cars....

     screaming machinery ,gambling booths and game stands..... 

  After eight hours of party, all this was a bit surreal... but hey...... always ready to experience life with  all its permutations.
And then after the procession we wound our way home to the highway and Marbella.... a bit knackered and ready to retire....another sensational day in Spain.

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  1. The village is Benagalbon. So difficult to remember!