Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marbella, Day Two

This elephant serves as a shower on the sand beach.

The second day in Spain we went to THE Marbella gym .

 It may sound a boring thing to do on vacation,  but picture a palace of a place with all the latest equipment including a full size lap pool, separate aqua gym pool,  five separate large jacuzzi rooms with different sprays,  a cold tub,  sauna and steam room.  Picture a snack bar with decent whole grain sandwiches, and fresh fruit juice,  a shower and dressing room area with expensive scent and lotion to use after you take your shower.

 Picture a device for spinning dry your bathing suit so you don't need a plastic bag to take it home in!

Picture a gym with a view of the sea at all times when you are working out and you will see why I wanted to go... and besides, Jeanne had a free pass.

Beach in Winter

After my workout on the state of the art gym equipment and Jeanne's laps in the pool , and lots of pampering in the steam rooms etc,  we sat on the beach for a while looking out to sea.   It was sunny enough for a bathing suit but not bathing itself.  There was a wind that came up at some point most of the week I was there so we took advantage of the calm part of the day.  We enjoyed just doing nothing while we contemplated lunch.

We opted for the Chinese Wok Restaurant...."prepared before eyes" as the sign said.  It is an brilliant idea for an Asian cafeteria.

 For 10 euros ( with the coupon) one selects the raw vegetables and meats you want and it all goes into a wok and is prepared instantly before you.

There were three kinds of mushrooms, broccoli , onions, carrots, asparagus, hearts of palm, three kinds of shrimp , chicken or beef  to name a few of the choices for the Wok.  You are given advice on which sauces are appropriate for your choices.

   There was even Peking duck with crepes and plum sauce or sushi to start the meal. And there were all kinds of rice and noodles to accompany your main course.

 For afters there is a similar array of desserts and fruits to choose from or you can choose ice cream with toppings.

In fact this is not a good place to have in the same building as the gym!  You can easily put back all the calories you erased on the treadmill.  I know I did.

                                        Walking farther down the promenade near sunset

This artist/plasticienne was practicing his craft along the sea while we were there.  He kept referring to careful notes of his design of a dragon.

  He never completed all of his sculpture, but I think he was only getting his technique ready for a contest.

We saw some more of the town after sun bathing and ate tapas for dinner at a little corner bar.  I do so like the idea of tapas.  It is my idea of a great meal, no one flavor for too long and if you really love it , have another of the same.

                    Sunset from the terrace.  Tomorrow is a big day as we are off to Granada.

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