Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Day in Marbella

    Up early to capture the sunrise with Bessie who pounces on my bed as if she knows something is up today, our last day.

We are going to have a day of packing for our trip and getting ready to drive home with the cats in their boxes tomorrow.   On our last day I am determined to have churros for breakfast.  I headed for all the regular cafe's yesterday and they were all closed.  Finally at 11:00 Jeanne texts me today to say that my breakfast corner has opened and I head over for my last breakfast in Marbella.


 Jeanne is off to the gym and I am off to a leisure day and some shopping at the tail end of the sales.   I have made an appointment for the dentist to get my teeth cleaned later for  only 48 euros.  In America the price would be over 100 dollars, I am fairly sure.  In France it would be about 70 euros with my Lebanese dentist with his state-of-the-art office, less from some others French dentists perhaps.  The quality of cleaning in France is not always up to my standards.  I heard once from a French dentist that we Americans are obsessed with our teeth.  That may be so as I feel teeth are pretty important.

While looking for Scotch tape, I open three drawers  in the apartment and can't resist taking photos of what I found there.  I did not touch a thing but I love this found composition.

Philippe's stuff 1

By the way, the hygienist was one of the most professional I have ever come across and I will hope to go there again in the future for further work.  

Tomorrow we hit the road after packing up four months of living for Jeanne, one week for me.  A demain.


  1. Well done Mary!
    All three images are well chosen!

  2. J'ai commencé à lire sur ton blog le récit de ton voyage en Andalousie, il me rappelle beaucoup le voyage que j'ai fait avec un de mes fils il y a un dizaine d'années à Malaga, Grenade et Séville. Je ne suis arrivé pour le moment qu'à ton dernier jour à Marbella, j'apprends beaucoup de vocabulaire...

    J'aime bien ce que tu écris ( et tes photos ) et ton plaisir à découvrir avec gourmandise un pays, les gens, les nourritures et toutes sortes de petites choses...