Thursday, November 21, 2013

Glamour and Glitz

There is no end to magpie attractions nearing Christmas holidays in any big city.  Paris is no exception.  The very architecture speaks of luxury and the theme is carried out admirably by the big stores.

 My Starbucks cafe near L'Opera

Mascot in front of a restaurant

Photo shoot in front of L'Opera... they never gave her a coat and they were still at it when I came back in the afternoon.  Who says modeling is fun?

Galleries Layfayette

Famous competitor: Au Printemps

 A block from Le Grand Hotel, one finds these temples of spending.   

 The first counter at Au Printemps is Rolex.  There is a huge crowd buying watches.    At Chanel there is a queue of women patiently waiting…. mostly Japanese "twenty or thirty somethings".   I ask the clerk across at Fendi what all the fuss is about.  "Oh, its like this everyday.  It's the line to make a purchase at Chanel."  

 There is every temptation to produce your wallet and I must say I myself was seduced by all the things I didn't need…...basking in the glitter and eating a quick bite in the cafe with the rest of the glassy eyed crowd as if it was our last meal and we had to get back into the fray.  

In the end of browsing one morning, I bought some outrageous black shoes that "spoke" to me.  They said "weird", they said "glamour", they said comfort and that in fact, sealed the deal.  Monsieur says they look like old fashioned irons.  So I will wear them at least to do the "repassage". 

 Paris is the place wear you can lose your head. 

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